1105 to binary

*PLEASE SHOW WORK* Question 1: Perform the following conversions: 1A7F to decimal 63D to binary 1110110110 to decimal 101011101010110 to hexadecimal 1105 to binary 2971 to hexadecimal Question 2: Show the representation of the following values in 8-bit two’s complement notation: 21 -94 118 -61 Question 3: Determine the decimal value of the following 8-bit… Continue reading 1105 to binary

Result = n1;

1)Implement the following code: result = 0; if (input == 12) result = n1; else result = n2; in the TRN sign language. Where n1=3 and n2=0 2)Implement the following code in the TRN symbolic language If (x== n1 && y== n2) z=x+y? else z=x-3; Assume user input via keyboard of the contents of X… Continue reading Result = n1;